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You Inspire Me…

8.19.2010     12:51 am

It’s 12:51 am and I can’t seem to sleep.  This entire experience of being on a reality show has come with a whirlwind of emotions – but the positive always seems to outweigh the negative.  Initially, I only focused on how it would affect my closest friends and family, but it’s turned into a whole new beast.  The reach is incredible!  Chile, Iran, Israel, Brazil, Canada, China……the list goes on and on.  I come home every night to the most compelling stories from around the world.  They’re uplifting.  They’re sad.  They are real.  They inspire me.  YOU inspire me.

Inspiration comes from so many places…And right now, at this moment, it’s coming from all of you.  So, THANK YOU!

x T.Rye

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  1. @m_dream99 says:

    U inspire me in so many ways!!!U are brave enough the whole world to see who you really are…..Thanks for letting us to see your world…Thank U!!!!

  2. mary says:

    my inspiration is drawn from the jainist prayer for peace. though i am not religious, i am deeply in love with the closing of this prayer and i try to incorporate it into each day of my life. "A weapon, howsoever powerful it may be, can always be superseded by a superior one; but no weapon can, however, be superior to non-violence and love." hopefully the peace and love you have to give can spread to the far corners of the earth.

  3. @Laurtweets says:

    you stamie and your wee family. your relationship with your mum, has inspired me to be patient with my mum and true to myself. you have given me hope that one day my mum will accept my girlfriends friend request 😛

    basically this clip sums up the inspiration 🙂

    "I am still me, I still are her little girl. I do wear heels but I might also wear some boots. Im still the same person, been gay doesn't change who I am."

  4. Joann says:

    One of my favorite quotes is "Kindness is the Highest Form of Wisdom" . And from an old YES song, "Don't underrate, appreciate" Just a simple smile can sometimes make a world of difference in someones life. I feel this world would be such a better place if everyone were simply kind to each other.

  5. LuckyLeo13 says:

    Inspiration begins with ourselves…if we do not find ourselves as an inspiration if we can not find inspiration from with in then that moment of something – someone inspiring us is just that a moment instead of a lifetime. We need to begin loving ourselves, believing we are strong and yes a smile can go a long way…..

  6. Kayla says:

    Hey Tracy,

    I’m 16 years old and a senior in high school, and I also live in California.
    At a young age, I’m inspired thousands of people, and you are definetly one of them. Considering I am in the same position as you were with being a “late bloomer”, and the fact that most people would never think you would be gay. I still haven’t exactly figured it out, and I haven’t quite came out, but as I watch your videos, you convince me more and more to be true to myself. I am becoming my own inspiration, and I want to entirely thank you.

    Feel free to email

  7. amandafluffy says:

    Thank you for sharing your lives with us. Inspriation comes from all kinds of places. We all wish you and Stamie a lifetime of happiness. You have made an amazing family together and we love watching you:)


  8. karen says:

    i think web pages like this is an inspiration to all in our community. i hope this web page expands and reaches around the globe. there is just so many women out there young and old that needs a safe place to feel a little a normalcy. sometimes that normalcy is through shows, movie and web sites like this. kudos for taking your fifteen minutes to reach out.

  9. Our15Minutes says:

    Thank you so much Karen for your kind words about the site…It’s been a trip putting together, in a good way. About it’s global reach: Although the site gets most of its contact with people from the US, it’s kind of staggering the active participation and contact it’s been getting from around the globe: There are 104 countries currently visiting the site including Brazil, Egypt, Lebanon, Peru, Australia, Taiwan, China, France, Germany, Kuwait, Dubai, AND Argentina !…I could go on and on….And there are currently over 25,000 visitors to the site!

    if you have any thoughts on how to expand it further, we’d love to hear it…

    *Finally, we just added a NEW message board to continue expanding the community on the site…

    Thanks again,
    xx maya

    • Vane says:

      Hi Maya, Do you think about a mobile page? I access through my iPod It’s just a suggestion don’t know it’s difficult/expensive.

      The site is always updated! 🙂

      Don’t forget to mention visitors from Argentina

      thank you!

  10. nancy says:

    My friend that decided to leave San Francisco to see the world for a year has inspired me. People who choose a path in life and run with it with full force inspire me. Little children that run and play with the wind in their hair so innocently, inspire me. Smiles exchanged between strangers inspire me. My grandfather, who has seen wars, pain, suffering, but has also had a life full of laughter, achievement, and love— inspires me. Your bravery to share your life and help others, also inspires. me. Thank you.

  11. Our15Minutes says:

    Really? It's beautiful! Say the word…

    x T.Rye

  12. Joyce says:

    Hi Tracy, I just want to thank you and Stamie for doing the show. You and Stamie both inspire me to be a better person and I learned that I have to choose me. I been letting other people choose for me I also learned from you I can't do that cause I wasn't happy when they choose for me when I choose for myself I got happy.I also wanted to thank you so much for the advice you have given me you had helped me so much don't know were I would be right now probley not here I thought about ending everything but you and Stamie stop me from doing it.I appreicate everything you too do for your fans hope to meet you in March when I'm in LA.

  13. Meg says:

    You do. My father was always putting gay people down and it hurt it me deeply. I watched your story on The Real L Word and I finally told my dad that I am a lesbian. So far it's not a fun ride. I love my dad but this is who I am.I hope he comes around. Life is just way to short. So you inspire me. Thank you and Stamie for doing the show.

  14. Costa says:

    I follow you from Italy! It's difficult to comunicate with you because I don't speak english very well…sorry! I have seen episodes of The real L word with Spanish subtitles…so hard to understand! I try to follow what is happening around me in your site.
    Thanks for what you do…I never feel alone!
    I apologize for grammatical mistakes. I have not studied English very well and these are the consequences! I'm so stupid! 🙂
    Thank you all. You are in my heart.

  15. Sonia says:

    You know sometimes, life is hard, specially in Countries That do not accept, or make it taboo this kind of issues. Sometimes I think, why me, why can´t I be happy, just like other couples, having That "normal" relationship, on the street holding hands, kissing, without being "careful" … but it is people like you and stamie, That make me realize That I'll Have All That, just keep on going, choose me, and Make a Difference and hope that one day my children's wont think like some people think, and wont discriminate others, or be discriminated just by being Them. sorry my English 😉

  16. danielle says:

    You guys making out in front of the camera is what inspires me!

    here is something to laugh about for you and your girlfriend:

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