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About Us

Tracy Ryerson and Stamie Karakasidis of THE REAL L WORD

Welcome to our official site!  After being a part of THE REAL L WORD, we were approached by several people suggesting we create a website about ourselves, but it didn’t feel right to JUST talk about ourselves all of the time.  So, then we had an idea and “Our Fifteen Minutes” was born.  We decided to create a website that acts more like a community where people can share their stories, meet others who are in similar shoes, and occasionally challenge peoples thoughts and opinions.

Everybody knows what the saying “Our Fifteen Minutes” means, but in this case we are taking it further.  It’s our time for CHANGE, to make a difference.   We were given a platform and it’s our time to speak up and show that we exist, live by example.  It’s time to start living our authentic lives. Basically, it’s our time in history to help in the fight for equality.  We want to help spread the positivity and make a difference in this world, even if, by sharing our story, we help just one person feel more comfortable in their skin.

This is a place to interact, so please ask us questions and send suggestions.  We’ll try to post a new video each Sunday, blog regularly, have new pictures up every few days, link important articles from the media, have surprise guests on our live chat, and so much more…..

Here’s what we’d like from you:

*Send us any pictures you have taken with us, of you, video blogs, or just artwork you’d love to see featured on the site.  This is a collaborative effort and we’d love to help people shine.

* Share YOUR story here: www.ourfifteenminutes.com/contact/shareyourstory

* Keep checking back, adding your opinions, and spreading the word.

Remember, any and all suggestions are appreciated!  We’re in this together and this is a site for ALL OF US.  The best part of this experience for us has been getting meet new friends and fans across the world.  Thanks for all of the continued support!!

Much Love,
Tracy and Stamie

Tracy:  Tracy@OurFifteenMinutes.com

Stamie: Stamie@OurFifteenMinutes.com

Maya (our amazing web gal!) : Maya@OurFifteenMinutes.com