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About Me

Get to know TRACY!

Tracy Ryerson (also known as “T.Rye” by her closest friends) is a tv personality, model, film and tv producer, both a lover and fighter, and an advocate for animals and those being discriminated against. Most recently she was the star of Showtime’s hit show, THE REAL L WORD, where she opened up and shared her life and experiences with the world.

Tracy grew up in a small town in North New Jersey, raised by a Brooklyn Jew and a Puerto Rican firecracker of a Mom. Along with her two sisters, Aimee and Audrey, she excelled in sports and school. And yes, she was in the band (saxophone and drums)! After high school, she flew south and attended the University of Miami, where she majored in Biology and Film, with a minor in Spanish. After graduation, Tracy followed her dream and moved out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the film industry. Since then, she’s successfully developed several blockbuster movies as well as set up others. (OCEANS 13, NANCY DREW, SPEEDY GONZALES, TARZAN, and more)

Currently – Tracy is writing a book, developing a tv series, modeling, taking a moment to breathe and finding time to fit in sleep! … And loving every moment of dating a woman with three children! It’s all about finding the balance!!