Whitney Mixter and Sara B. Podcast is up! Real L Word Re-cap Ep. 5 | Our Fifteen Minutes

Whitney Mixter and Sara B. Podcast is up! Real L Word Re-cap Ep. 5

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Thank you for your patience. We did it and the podcast is up and ready for your to listen. Hope it sounds great, I didn’t test it being that I am jet lagged and delirious. Please remember to share, review and comment so we can keep this love fest going for you folks all over the world. 

Sara and Whitney were a treat to have in our home and so many good stories and laughs we are excited to share with you. Tracy and I are in the UK and Murray was MIA this podcast, he had stand up shows on the road and now he is in Florida for a family emergency. He will be back.

See what the ladies think of season 3, being engaged,  Whitney’s wedding dress, parents support, current friendships on the show, kissing other girls, and most of all what their future looks like. To find out where they will be traveling and what’s happening in their world.

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2 Responses to “Whitney Mixter and Sara B. Podcast is up! Real L Word Re-cap Ep. 5”

  1. divalasvegas61 says:

    Fun podcast as always. Nice to hear Whitney and Sara when the cameras aren’t rolling. Very happy for them both. But if Sara changes her name to Sada..people will call her Sade’ .. or something..btw..love your full name Stamie..=) Looking forward to the next one already..thanks for the fun!!

  2. neutrino78x says:

    I’m skeptical of Whitney tying the knot, but if it makes her and Sara happy then I support it. 🙂 Hopefully Prop 8 will lose in the Federal Supreme Court so they will be able to legally have the label of “marriage” also. 🙂

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