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Two Walks of Life

NYC to Philly to Chicago to LA  –

This was written while in-between cities, listening to PEOPLE ARE STRANGE by the Doors –

The conversations that you overhear while waiting for you flights at the airport are priceless!  Honestly, I love it!  People from all walks of life, and all over the world, converging in one area to get SOMEWHERE….Anywhere. Do you ever wonder where they are from, what they do, or how they met?  Have you and I passed each other in one of these corridors or waiting areas?

Every once in a while you meet someone who you can’t seem to shake and fills you with inspiration.  For me, it’s been happening a lot lately – being inspired, that is!  Is it because I’m at a place in my life where I am welcoming it with open arms?  Or maybe it’s the extremely cathartic experience with the reality show that has opened my eyes to so much more.  Who knows.

On my flight from Philadelphia to Chicago I met the most amazing person.  His name was Ellis.  It wasn’t his handlebar mustache, sleeve of tattoos, toothless smile, or cigarette stained breath that caught my attention, but instead, his eyes that were filled with history, wonder, and experience.  Underneath the rough exterior, there was something very pure and approachable about him.  After a few minutes fiddling around in his seat, Ellis shared that this was his first time flying…..ever!  He also just got his first cell phone and in conversation, asked me what an Angelina Jolie was?  Honestly, it was a breathe of fresh air and I had an arsenal of questions I wanted to fling at him.  Needless to say, the 3 hour flight felt like 3 minutes and I now want to own a Harley, ride through South Dakota, sleep on an Indian reservation, lose my cell phone for a while, and reconnect with the things that really matter. But not all at once!  I’ll skip the part where he told me I should taste Bear at some point in my life.  Oh, and a rattlesnake doesn’t taste like chicken.  It tastes like rattlesnake!  I became the little kid I once was and listened to every story that he had to tell.  Even though Ellis and I were for two different walks of life, I was inspired….

10 Other things and thoughts that kept me entertained while waiting for my flight:

  1. Man Boobies
  2. Janelle Monae and her band!!!!!  (love them!)  Download TIGHTROPE if you haven’t already.
  3. Girl who was having a burping contest….with herself!!!  Seriously!
  4. Whoever invented airplane neck pillows must be a wealthy man or woman!
  5. A fan of TRLW came up and shared her story with me!  Was awesome and so nice to hear her thoughts on the show.
  6. Reading Stamie’s TIFI’s!  Check them out on our site!  Funny stuff!
  7. I’m currently having IPad envy and might need to get one.
  8. I’m dating someone with three children!!!!!  Sorry – it hits me every once in a while!  (And I miss them!)
  9. Is a fanny pack more or less cool if you wear it on your hip instead of in the front of your body?
  10. I’ve got the Travel Bug!!!  Where should I go next??

xx T.Rye

21 Responses to “Two Walks of Life”

  1. camila l. says:

    hey tracy!
    i'm camila, 18. i live in são paulo, brasil.
    september 7 is an holyday here! so, i spent this useless weekend watching the first season of TRLW!

    i have to say it: at first, everything seemed to be superficial. but then… you showed up!
    your eyes, even by the screen of my computer, are so honest, expressive. and it just made me win my weekend! (here in Brasil, we "win the day" when something very special happens).

    firstly, i'd like to say thank you! thank you by fill this reality show with such a beautiful story! you, stamie, the kids, your family… you guys are just giving us (lesbian around the world) some kind of hope, (i don't really know what word i should use here, but i mean the strength we need to give pass troutgh life issues).

    but not only that: i'm so happy that you guys made this website. using your "fifteen minutes" to change something, to change people's life, to change your own lifes! there no words to describe it!

    about today's post… i've identified very much. i'm the kind of person who, no matter who you are, will talk to you at the airport, or any place else! to me, people are our best source of wisdom. why to waste it?

    in the end, i'm so happy to have this oportunity to contact you after the reality!
    i just want you to know, that i honestly wish you all the happiness.
    thank you, this is it. thanks a lot!

    ps: dude, your kids are just adorable! i'm head over heels with them! 😀

    kisses! (here in brasil we have this "kissing thing". we create a kind of affection with any people, no matter how far. and there's no word in another language that could translate it, but here, it's called "carinho". that's how i feel about you).


  2. @Ososil says:

    I like this post! n what i love the most is the date u wrote it, Trye.. 9.02.10 ~ wow as same as Stamie's Comedy 90210. what a coincidence. salute! @tracyryerson

  3. @hoffmanlisa says:

    Awww! my heart skipped a beat when you mentioned South Dakota (I live in SD currently) The show, but mostly YOU (being so relatable and normal) inspired me to finally come out. I am anxious to get moving on meeting some great new people and live my life open and honestly. Thanks for being a part of that!

    PS: Come to SD, I will ride Harleys with you! 🙂

  4. Nikki Novo says:

    Awesome post, bestie! I felt like I was there. Thanks for sharing your muses. miss you.

  5. Emma Thomas says:

    1= aka Moobs in the UK

  6. Our15Minutes says:

    #9 Fanny Pack….
    Chuck Norris wears the fanny pack a little to the side
    …and everything he does is freakin sweet!

  7. Dee says:

    Ellis sounds interesting …. the part in which you state that this was his first flight isn't all that shocking, I mean, if you don't need to fly to get to a place why would you, but the tattoos, the toothless mouth, his first cell phone … how old is he? … the harley, bear meat, rattle snake, I think Ellis should write a autobiography or maybe you could do a semi autobiography based on the 3 hour flight you shared with him … maybe … maybe not (or seeing you're a producer maybe you could take up writting and create a script and give it that hollywood spin… I'm just throwing out random ideas), I don't know (if he did would I remember that I made this suggestion: answer probably not) …. anyway of enough of this stream-of-consciousness, I'm starting to confuse myself.

    FYI: cool pic

  8. @3LiizS says:

    Is so wonderful to have read this today. I said this all the time "Sincerity is so refreshing" and that 's what you have created for me. We all have our moment to grow as a person and we learn from others. As much you learn from Ellis and he's wisdom , and despite he's age from what you have share with us he's such a innocence soul. I can say that I have learn from you and in so many ways ; maybe you may ask yourself how? But your time is now to share your wisdom by simply being you, your story that help so many young people , including myself, that are going through life now that they can come out as lesbian and that there's nothing wrong with it. A big thank you!!!!

    Also, is so beautiful to see you with Stamie , well I call her mamaka too haha hope that is ok, and I want to have such a beautiful relationship one day!!

    thanks babe!! lov ya boths!!

  9. Kara says:

    I'm pretty sure that the fanny pack is awesome, no matter how it is worn! ha ha
    and your next destination should clearly be Newfoundland, Canada, as you have probably never heard of it before, and im pretty sure you need to be "screeched" in!!

    We like to boast that we have the most bars per square foot in the world. It's a pretty sweet accomplishment!!

  10. Lene says:

    Hey Tracy and Stamie!
    First of all, thank you so much for deciding to do the show! It's a breath of fresh air whenever you come onto the screen. Seriously. How we got to look at how you live with three kids and still have time to put in a little joke here and there is inspiring! I can relate to you in a way, because I haven't told my family yet. I will soon enough though, because I got to look at how your mother eventually came along. So thank you for that!

    Tracy, if you've catched the travel bug, and want to travel a little further away from the palms, weather and paparazzi of Los Angeles, you should visit Norway. Here don't have palmtrees, the weather is currently around 17 degrees celsius and the paparazzi only exist if you are Obama or the Royal Family. You could also see snow, if you travel in late November/December or travel far enough north. Just do a Google image-search if you're curious.

  11. Gryf says:

    Being inspired is part of finding love in your heart. Love in all forms… love for life, love for people, love for work… name it.. it's LOVE. I can relate to all the things you said in this piece. I am in that stage of my life where everything is just like new… I find everything even the simplest things, interesting and a learning experience. It's really good to stop, listen and be amazed of the wonders that life can bring you. =D

    Thanks Tracy!

  12. alysia says:


    You're funny and a great writer.

    Looking forward to more.


  13. Clara says:

    Tracy, you, and Stamie are just like my girlfriend, and i.
    I could really use some advice on somethings.
    So if you're up to it, I would really appreciate your help.
    thank you

  14. Sinead says:

    Answer to #10 = NEW ZEALAND BABY!!! hahaha nah seriously!

  15. raianny says:

    tracy I LOVE YOU

  16. Costa says:

    # 10: Italy! 🙂

  17. Sonia says:

    Visit Portugal, its a beautiful country, amazing people, home of poets and kings, just try it…everything once.

  18. Kristina Maria says:

    Tracy, you are so right.
    I have always been in love with the atmosphere in the airports. The whole vibe. It is just amazing. It's kinda one of the few places where it is okay to talk to people we don't know, hear their stories, where are they going?…
    We really should me more open to each other, be more interested in the people around us, even those we don't know yet, no matter what gender, colour, sexual orientation, status etc…

    Love is universal – spread the love people.. Be good to one another 🙂

    Btw I loved you and Tracy on TRLW, you seem very genuine, kind and very much in love… That is pretty amazing.
    I wish you all the best!

    Speaking of travel bug – If you want to experience amazing and breathtaking nature, you really should go vist my home country – Faroe Islands. It is 18 small islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and Great Britain.. Only 45.000 inhabitants..
    WATCH the video down below, and get a little preview.. I promise you that if you go there, it will be a once in a lifetime experience that you'll never forget…

    Feel free to write me for any guidance, if you ever decide to go..!

    Hugs from Copenhagen, Denmark,

  19. Dagomc says:

    Incredible !!! I love this web site !!! As I’m not an english native, not only I learn a lot from your post, but I travel around the world with people’s comment!

    Cathartic : ouaouh! where did you find that word ! I couldn’t even know the meaning in french (I’m better in french, not a native french neither!)
    Fiddle around : The first time I see it, and will use it now!
    Fanny pack : Sac banane in French ! At last I know how to say it in English!

    Let’s go to Brazil with @Camila L:
    To win the day : “reading this post win my day”
    “Carinho” : I imagine ths sound of it – seeexy! – it’s like “calin” in french (hug)

    And Newfoundland in Canada with @Kara : to be screecheed in ! TRLW make me screeched in … I don’t know if it sounds good? lol lol

    For the Travel Bug, come visit MADAGASCAR (not the movie) !!!

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