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Tracy’s New Year’s Resolutions

I usually start out every New Year with a long list of Resolutions that I try to stick to, but day after day, seem to get lost in the shuffle of life.  This year I have a new approach.  I’m going to start small in 2011, scratch a few things off my list, and build up from there. – This way the goals on my list aren’t so daunting!  So, here’s my short list for now:

1.  Spend more time on!  As obvious as this one is, I’d like to set aside some extra time every day to blog, return emails, and continue to build a small community filled with positivity.

2.  Write more hand-written letters to friends and family.  Does anyone do this anymore?  The simple gesture goes a long way and lets you be creative!

3.  Cook one nice dinner at home per week.  Table settings and all!

4.  Be early!  Not just on time, but early.  There’s no use stressing on being late all the time.  It’s considered normal to be fashionably late in LA, but sometimes, it’s just plain ole’ rude.  If you don’t value other people’s time, then you lack respect.  Simple.


xo Tracy

14 Responses to “Tracy’s New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. @larambp says:

    Be more studious, my resolution of each year. LOL
    (Hi Mariana LMAO)

  2. Pamela Kershaw says:

    To be more spiritual, more forgiving, more of the best me. And to FINALLY JOIN MY CHURCH CHOIR!

    Happy New Year!

  3. @IMari_Lima says:

    Lara! I forgot this one. I really need that! lol

  4. Sabrina says:

    My New years resolution are …

    1. I will marry my girlfriend who is 10 years by my side.
    2. my honeymoon to Paris
    3. to make several volunteers
    4. to climb with my handball crew in the next higher league
    5. improve my English, which is currently very bad

  5. Rose says:

    1. Come out to my mother (at 31 I think I have been in the closet way too long)
    2. Start living life instead of worrying about what repercutions every action will have.
    3. Just be happy.

  6. @tonilim says:

    Lovely, simple, practical and thoughtful resolutions. Nice!

    Mine in general are to be better, braver, bolder, more beautiful (lol!) and even more humble in everything I do. 🙂
    Hope I can stick to it – let me tell you it's always easier said than done…every.single.year… :p

  7. Lofz says:

    The happy new year spelt up top is really buzzy! haha
    thats straight creative and thinkin outside the big phat square kinda thang-> i liike it!
    Must of been a good letter mission ..i wonder how many days it took? hmmm



  8. happydog says:

    To let poeple fix their own problems!! I’m happy being me thank you!

  9. kgoddu says:

    To answer your question, yes! I do still write letters by hand and have always written people through snail mail ever since I was very little. There's something very personal in an old fashioned letter that is lost in all of today's technology!

    I usually don't do resolutions but this year I have a short list:

    1. Allow myself to put my own needs before others when I need to without feeling that it is selfish to take care of myself.
    2. Loosen my grip on life a little to let the rhythm of the world take me where I need to go.
    3. Be better at staying connected with friends that are far away.


  10. Christine B. says:

    Like you my list is about the smaller things in my life. 2010 was a year of huge life changes for me. I finally came out to my mom. I decided that it was time to go back to college after a long absence. I quit my job and moved far away from home to a city where I knew no one (Chicago to Honolulu). I’m back in school and have finally decided on a major – environmental science. Here’s my list for the new year.

    1. Eat in more. For being an extremely poor college student I eat out way too often.
    2. Incorporate some form of exercise or physical activity into my day. It doesn’t have to be big but can be something as small as doing some sit ups. I won’t make the goal of losing weight even though I need to because that’s just setting me up for failure.
    3. Setting aside more time to take advantage of where I’m living. I live in a very beautiful place and haven’t done enough to go out and explore the island.
    4. Be less generous towards my friends. I tend to want to please their needs while not asking enough of them. I am an extreme people pleaser and this leads to me getting taken advantage of a lot.

  11. Ronni Booe says:

    1st: Rethink my thinking.Well that should take most of the year. So well call that one "The On-Goer".

    2nd: Take more breathers. As much as I love being Mommy-I am of no use to them if I don't have my "A Game" on.

    3rd: Conquer math

    4th: Go back to school

    5th: Be of Use…Another "On-goer".

  12. Joann says:

    I may have posted this somewhere already, but all my resolutions are gonna be lumped into somewhat per Oprah, just keep on trying one moment, one day at a time to "live my best life."

  13. luciana says:

    I still send hand-written letter sometimes 🙂

  14. Kriss says:

    Hi! My name is Kriss, i m from Norway, my new year resolution is to visit LA and meet you Tracy :).

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