Tracy at the Trevor Project | Our Fifteen Minutes

Tracy at the Trevor Project

Tracy talks to Jim Halterman about the importance of The Trevor Project as well as gives a little hint as to whether she’ll be a part of the second season of THE REAL L WORD.

For more information on the Trevor Project visit:

6 Responses to “Tracy at the Trevor Project”

  1. @IMari_Lima says:

    Tracy, it's awesome what you've be doing for the LGBT community. I love to see celebrities using their power to help others. Thanks!
    And, still no word on season 2 yet? lol 😉

  2. Carmen says:

    I saw the video before heading to work and "you make this world a better place" thank you !

  3. joyce says:

    Tracy, Just wanted to say thanks for all you do. You give your advice and your support to your fans and we greatly appreciate it.I really don’t know were I would be right now if I didn’t ask for your help.

  4. Janet Diaz says:



  5. Boog says:

    You guys are both amazing..can't wait til New Years!

  6. Boogey4701 says: I commented above as a…but you're both still amazing!! lol. See y'all New Years Eve!!

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