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Tracy and Stamie on This Week in Reality TV #3!

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Our guests tonight were AWESOME!  The chat rooms were going crazy, it was so much fun!  We started off the show with ya know, just your typical girl next store, Ms. Bridget Marquardt.  😉

She is even cuter in person and we were loving her pink high heels.  We showed a few clips from her show, “Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches” and from a recent photo shoot.  She shared with us her experience traveling the globe to find the best sandy beaches & highest waterfalls. Bridget was actually the first of the “Girls Next Door” to get her own spin-off show! The chat room, as well as Jill, asked some fun/risque questions for her.

This beach bunny’s not done traveling yet.  Fans can find her in Miami on November 12th and 13th for The Rally for Kids with Cancer Scavenger Cup.  But she’s not done there with her philanthropic ways.  Bridget will be back in Hollywood on December 5th to host the “Gift a Giggle” Gala at The Skybar.  Joined with Bridget was Julie Skon who is the spokesperson for the wonderful organization “Gift a Giggle”.  These two beautiful women are involved in such great charities.  If anyone is interested in donating please check out  100% of funds raised go directly to the program.
Now moving on to the lovely lesbian portion of the night, the hilarious couple from The Real L Word, Stamie Karakasidis and Tracy Ryerson.  They are so genuine, beautiful and hilarious!  They talked about their relationship, mother in laws and becoming an “instant” Mom.  Stamie filled is in on her stand-up career…which just by talking to her in an interview we know she’s freakin funny!  Tracy wore her personalized t-shirt worded, “I Choose Me”, very powerful and loved by the viewers.
Both women are currently writing books.  They have a great website you should take 15 minutes to look at called-
Per usual Reality Round-up covered all the best shows this week.  Taylor Armstrong deep throating cotton candy.  That poor woman just needs her husband to give her a little more attention, then she wouldn’t resolve to gumming fluffy sugar.  Thanks to Gerrad for providing Jill with cotton candy in studio tonight.  ”Take a Bite” was inspired this week by Top Chef: Just Desserts, yummy chocolate chip cookies.  Thanks again Gerrad, delicious!
Last week we all dressed up as the cast from Jersey Shore so naturally we were curious what they dressed up as.  We showed pictures of them on this spooky night, Snooki was the pickle princess and Pauly D as Justin Bieber.
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