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Stamie time..

Hi everyone,

Whoever thought writing a blog would overwhelm me and I would just avoid it all together, was right. Well, this morning I told Tracy “if I don’t write a blog today for our site, break up with me” , so I am writing one. Not ready to live my life without Tracy.

Life in LA has been hectic and fun. Whoever thought having a full time real estate career, raising 3 kids, pursuing Stand up and a newer relationship was a piece of cake was so right.  You should try it, constant chaos and excitement. This week we are getting ready for our trip to Philadelphia (my home town) for an event at Sisters on Saturday and a comedy show on Sunday. That should be fun. Bringing Dautry with us on this trip, already stressing about bringing my man Nikos- Jagger has school!  Dautry is excited she says it’s a date with mamaka. So cute. Well this blog is definitely going in the right direction. It’s hysterical, right? Well I guess practice will make perfect.

I can’t believe Xmas is around the block. Everyone excited? I am. Not about getting presents anymore, it’s about giving them. But I am still waiting to save up for my gold rolex w/ black face. 2011 is very close and I can’t believe it. We will be celebrating New Years Eve in Houston with that crazy fun group. Tracy, Whitney, Nat, Rose and Sara all in one place for New Years. It will be a memorable night.

Real L Word 2 starts filming in January! Nothing has been signed yet so no guarantees if we will be on, but with that said. I am excited for it whether we are on it or not. I love the show and having people over on Sunday to watch it and hearing people’s opinion on what they like and what they don’t like.

Well, this is a start and I am a bit rusty..but you wait, I will be back and my next blog will be silly, funny, sincere and immature at times. That’s how I like to run my life. Be safe and keep coming back and saying hello. I do have a facebook official fan page. If you “like” me it would be great. If you already “like” me, thank you!

8 Responses to “Stamie time..”

  1. Leah says:

    Thank god you wrote your blog, We would all hate for you and Tracy to break up lol!

    Nice to get a block written by you guys. You are both doing a great job keeping the fans happy with your facebook pages, this website and twitter. We all really do appreciate it.

    Must feel bizzare having so many fans from all ove the world! Keep up the good work and for the love of god… make your way to Australia would you!!!

    Have a good christmas xxx

  2. Linda says:

    Thanks for blogging! I always start off my day catching up on news and digging into other people's lives. Haha! No seriously…it is nice to hear what's going on in the REAL world. Can't wait to hear more of the "silly, funny, sincere and immature" side of you. That would add more smiles to my day. Have a blessed one!

  3. S.G. says:

    You were my favorite on the real l word. You have an amazing sense of humor and my girlfriend and I would be laughing our asses off everytime you said something totally random.

  4. @IMari_Lima says:

    This year ran so fast!! Crazy!
    Have fun in Philly Stamie!! Im sure you're gonna have a great time!
    Btw, your kids are so beautiful and cute, it always makes me smile when you post pics of them. =]

  5. NoreenK says:

    Hey Stamie–looking forward to hanging with you and your lady in Philly!! It's gonna be a great weekend!! 🙂

  6. joyce says:

    Thanks Stamie you did a excellent job on your blog.I love hearing from you and Tracy.Hoping that you too are on the 2nd season.Cant wait to come out to LA and see you and the gang.Stamie just want to tell you that you are the perfect medicine when I dont feel good I watch your home and comedy videos they are so funny.You and the family have a safe trip to philly and have lots of fun.

  7. bloop says:

    where areu guys going to be new years eve?so the friends and i can join u guys…

  8. Gee says:

    I'm glad I finally got around to checkin your site out….it's awesome! Keep it up! Best wishes to you, Tracy & the kids for a happy & healthy 2011 – you are all beautiful people. I hope to get to see your stand up at some point soon as well, was supposed to catch ya in NYC back in November but couldn't due to family health issues Here's hopin to a better year!. Cheers & Much love!
    – Geedrums

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