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SheWired’s Gay Woman of the Year: And the Winner Is…


It was quite the competition for the title of SheWired’s Gay Woman of the Year! But now that a new year has begun, we have a new Gay Woman of the Year for 2010. There were a total of 12,558 votes for all of our fantastic nominees. While we added a voting component to encourage interactivity and to give readers a chance to weigh in, all of the women from the list deserve recognition for their outstanding contributions to the community. That said, here are the top three Women of the Year. In a perfect world we would get them to appear in a video together. Hmmm…. How can we make this happen? 3rd place: Chely Wright – 3,085 votes 2nd place: Tucky Williams – 3,347 votes Drum roll…. The woman you voted to be SheWired’s Gay Woman of the Year for 2010 is….

Tracy Ryerson – 3,750 votes

A breakout star of The Real L Word, Tracy Ryerson defied the rules of reality television, always coming across as the sweetest, nicest — and let’s be honest– hottest girl on the show. And that may have been in part to her poignant story arc that focused on Tracy’s relationship and her devotion to her girlfriend’s three children.

Having worked in the film industry in development in films including Oceans 13 and Nancy Drew, among others, Tracy is busy modeling, writing a book and developing a TV series, according to her bio on her  Our Fifteen Minutes, the website she launched with her girlfriend Stamie.

And if that weren’t enough, Tracy crossed over to mainstream this summer when TMZ ran bikini shots of her fresh out of the water in Santa Monica.

Congratulations to all of the wonderful women who were nominated!

9 Responses to “SheWired’s Gay Woman of the Year: And the Winner Is…”

  1. Congratulation to you Tracy. You are gorgeous

  2. Andrea says:

    Congratulation Tracy, you it you deserve, wish you it you, Stamie and the boys there be join 2011 full of peace saude love and realizaçoes. Answer

  3. carolina! says:

    I'm so happy 4 u 😀 The best begining 4 this year! Congrats & Good Luck..
    Greetings From chile 😀
    We love u!

  4. lego says:

    Congrats tracy!! You are a very deserving winner. Keep up your amazing work

  5. Tiago says:

    Parabéns Tracy… Vc é incrivel! E sorte da Stamie hein, por ter vc ao lado dela 😀

  6. Ellen says:

    I've never met you so I don't know why I am so delighted you won and why I voted each and every day. I guess cause you're kind and, well, everything else. If you could get permission from the pap, you should make that surfing/beach photo into a poster and sell them. I'd buy one to put on my refrigerator to remind me to get to the friggin' gym! Or maybe I'd put it on the stove cause it's too hot for the refrigerator. Your hotness would melt all my stuff. I'm serious about the poster, though. Just say the word and I'll buy the first one!

  7. P.Ray says:

    I like that you won this and that someone like you represents someone like me. I guess it's great- job- being- you time and yes, your fifteen minutes dot com.

  8. annemieke says:

    he from holland great name i am very glad you won gr annemieke

  9. velllizzna hulitt says:

    ha nice good for you i am glad how are you and stamie doing and i would not forget the kids how are thay doing

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