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Right Through Me

Okay, So I’m sitting here thinking how I should start this Story of mine but before I begin I would like to Firstly Thank Tracy, and Stamie for allowing Women across this country to come be apart of their Fifteen Minute Site. So, THANK YOU Ladies.

I guess I can start by Introducing Myself, I’m Heather 23years Old. I’m Originally from California, and Now I have ended up In this small town In Tennessee, and Let me just say I’ve never met so many Critical, Gossiping People that are worse than Hollywood In my life.

I have learned to Embrace myself for who I am In this town. I guess I don’t get much pressure as I’m a girly girl so It’s not like I have all these critics. I feel like I always knew I liked women, when I was 9 I was obsessed with Cindy Crawford I thought she was amazingly beautiful. Growing up I always thought girls were pretty. But it didn’t have any meaning to me Until my Junior year of High school when one of my friends came out to me and told me she liked girls. the more she explained to me I felt like I could relate. My body just responded Correctly to what she was telling me. It was like I found the puzzle to why I always had more of a connection with chicks, than dudes..

I’ve dated guys but never fell in love with em. Kissing guys Was like kissing a wall without feeling.. than I Had my first experience with a woman and I just Melted It felt so right to me..So I started dating women, behind the scene of my family. Until I was 19 I came out to my Mother and Shockingly she already Knew. I guess u can never hide from your mama. but anyways, I can honestly say I’ve never had a hard time with being myself.. but I feared from the start people would make it difficult for me to be.. but u know I got to the point where I really just didn’t care what people thought, or said. I rather be true to myself than to live In darkness.

So for the ones that Haven’t came out yet. your time will come. be strong and keep reminding yourself you gotta make yourself happy. this is your life. Like Tracy shirt says ‘ I Choose Me ‘ But anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed reading my story..Mwah!

xoxoLove & Light xoxo

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story Heather. I can relate as I live in a small town in Virginia. If you ever want to talk let me know. : )

  2. No problem Girl. What part of Virginia are you from?..

  3. Southwest. Very close to the TN border and KY border. Where are you in TN?

  4. Nice.Not to far.. I'm In Kingsport. It's over by the boarder line of VA.. An hour from Knoxville.. Home of the VOLS!..

  5. Taylor says:

    I can relate to this story so much 🙂 thanks for posting Heather.

  6. Martie says:

    i think you could help my ex. we recently broke up because she is struggling to be comfortable with herself and who she is. She has no one to talk to and because of all this she just keeps pushing me away. Thanks for your story.

  7. Lina says:

    how can i choose me without feeling like I'm this selfish person? My mom is pretty sick and stressed the majority of the time. Since she's sick I've taken a break from school and that really makes me depressed since i love school. It doesn't help that while I'm home helping take care of my mom she always making homophobic comments since my older brother told her he saw me kissing a girl 4 years ago ever since I'm this disgusting person according to my mom. I'm 22 now and i wish i could just leave but I feel like I'll be stuck here forever. People say it gets better but i get more upset and depressed everyday. I broke up with my girlfriend of almost 3 years because of my mom i felt that if i stayed in the relationship i would only make her sicker. I wish i could say since I've turned 21 my life has been awesome but it hasn't. I should be done with college by now but i always put others before myself. Should i choose me and forget about everyone else for a while???

    • Eve says:

      Hey Lina, I have been there. Do not feel bad about thinking that. I felt that way also. When my dad got sick i had to put a lot on hold. I was in college and worked full time. I had to start working nights and do online classes. I had to stop going to school for nursing and well i felt like running away every day. It takes a strong person to do what you are doing. You are a Great person to take care of yout mother. My dad was the only one that knew that i was gay. Funny thing is he is gone now and he is still the only one.
      Im sorry that you felt you had to break up with your girlfriend. I wish your mother would not say things like that but some people are just small minded. (Our moms are alike.) It is hard when you feel like you have no one to talk to. Try to set aside some time just for you. You really need to do that for yourself. You need to take care of yourself you be able to take care of others. Im not going to tell you that it gets better with time..You just learn to live with it. You will have good and bad days. I hope this helps a little.
      Please take care of yourself .

  8. Lina says:

    thanks eve that definitely helped i needed to here something positive for once.

  9. roberta says:

    For some reasons u r lucky .

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