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Rediscovering myself

Hi Tracy and Stamie! My name is Luiza. I’m 23 years and i’m from Brazil. Sorry i don’t speak English very well. I will try to say some words from my heart to you. I’m doing the show about one month and since then i can not sleep more. the show is everything that I dreamed for my life, but here where i am live that is not possible for many reason. I’m improving my English because of the show and i am very happy with the feelings that the show made me feel. I will going to live here in San Diego three months and I’m sure this trip will change the path of my life for the better. I will have time alone to meet me and finally let the emotions to flow, away from family and friends. After the rediscovery will open the game and share the idea that the love they feel for me will not change.I like girls, but for many reasons I could not live it yet and you helped me want to get it inside me. Thanks. You are a beautiful couple and I hope to find my partner one day. Oh! I try to go to LA or the comedy show stamie and meet you. You are my inspiration, you and all the girls on the show. Two big kisses from Brazil to your heart.

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  1. tayla says:

    De onde é no Brasil??

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