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Real L Word Season 2

Hello ladies and gents..

I wanted to write a little blog and clear up any confusion. I unfortunately will not be on the 2nd season. I can not speak for Tracy at this time. Just was not meant to be, I was not able to commit to all the time they needed and they were not able to help me make that work. So at the end of the day we decided to go our separate ways. Some things happen for a reason and I believe this is one.

I will continue to be around on and anywhere else I show up to perform some stand up comedy.

Please keep posting on our site and participating in Live Chat. Tracy and I really love what has been created here and we will continue to make it fun.

Hope to meet each of you in the near future.


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  1. Faith says:

    "I was not able to commit to all the time they needed and they were not able to help me make that work"….

    Okay, Stamie… No reason to sugarcoat the fact the producers have f*cked you over…. It is not just their loss, but ours as well. I will support you both no matter what. Thanks for everything.

    • Boogey4701 says:

      Well, I love ya both…on tv or off… but u know what that means?? You gotta do waaaayyy more flip vids!!! See ya New Years Eve!!

  2. Hkat says:

    Oh, bummer..
    It won't be the same without you, Stamie !
    Hope you keep putting some of thoose nice videos on youtube though !:)

  3. nathalie says:

    SO SAD!!!
    I think I won’t see this second season. The best part of first season was YOU, your family and your love…
    You give a so beautiful view of gay’s family.

  4. Tracy says:

    Cancelling Showtime!!! So many fans support you and Tracy for what you do for the community. The most positive thing that came out of all of this is your website. It has brought so many people together and given so many other a place to be themselves. Thank you. I will continue to support the site in any way I can.

  5. misonfire says:


  6. annemieke v oosten says:

    hello stamie,

    it shit that you not on season 2 you to where the cute,s couple on the show. white jill en nikki
    i have a question i am from holland and i follow you on youtube when can we see season 2.

    greeting from nimwegen the nederlands

  7. kailah_katie says:

    wait a mnute stamie are u saying that u and tracy are over?? im confused still

  8. joyce says:

    Stamie they will see what a big mistake it is not to work with you on this project. You and Tracy were the best part of season 1.You too helped me out by giving me great advice and being their for your fans.Cant wait to see you in March.

  9. I admire what you’ve got completed right here. I much like the component exactly where you say you are performing this to give back again but I would assume by all of the feedback that that is working for you personally also.

  10. Guest says:

    That's a REAL shame, you were one of the only good things about that show……

  11. @chiuas84 says:

    this is bs >( you and tracy are the best part of that show, i'm so sad and mad.

  12. Guest says:

    Ah Stamie… I will miss you dearly! The show won't be the same without you!! You,Tracy and the kids are the best part of the show! I can't say I won't watch season 2 because there were many good things that came out of season 1 for the lesbian community (I would never have known you and Tracy existed for one) . But with that said, it better be hella good or I'm not watching it!

    I give you props for knowing what you can and cannot take on and sticking to your guns. It is truly ShowTimes loss for not working with you. I agree, everything happens for a reason! Thank you for this site and for keeping us fans updated with what is going on in your would via Twitter. DON'T STOP!

    XO M.

  13. @IMari_Lima says:

    Sad!! :'(

    Dont worry Stamie, It's their loss! We will continue to support you! <3

  14. @tonilim says:

    It's a real shame and I'll miss watching you on TRLW but hey, there's always this site & tweeter (@tonilim). Luv ya, Stamie! xo Toni

  15. Joann says:

    For whatever reason, as you say Stamie, it is not meant to be at this time and things happen for a reason, though we don't always know what it is at the time. Just have to trust the plan. The good thing is you were on S1, you and Tracy have this site, you both have helped so many people all over the World by sharing your life. I was thrilled to get to meet you at the Stonewall, it was such a fun night, and hopefully I will get to see you again over a long, successful standup career. Wishing you, Tracy, and your sweet children all the best! (And if something changes down the road last minute and you are on S2 or beyond, that will be meant to be :))

  16. alexis lovella dagum says:

    Sad to hear that…but as long as you support each other that is way much more important.
    First priority is your family, you had a lovely kids who always be waiting for you…
    I have some guesses of what happen…
    well, as long as you had these blog we will still fallow and support you…
    All the best for you and your family.
    Happy Holidays!!!!

  17. Lofz says:

    Shuxx ive just got on and was like oww, this is a nice pic then saw the writings next to it then was like oww, beta click on this one then come in here and was like Faaar out! how long has this blog been up here now?.staight delayed here haha.

    Good clearing ups 😀

    so long as this site is alive and clicken everything is allgoods haha and maybe use should look into doing your own 15minutes show for us eachweek maybe every fridays or something (lmao) –> Light Bulp!!
    you could have your show on here produced by ourtime (lol) stuff showtime they try lie haha ima just hatin haha
    as im typing this that "am i dreaming" song is playing in my head haha hmmm this must be a dream

    Awesome Team yall keep up the awesome work!!
    Tiz not the end of anything tiz the beginning of something beautiful haha 😀

    Churr churr

  18. cam says:

    so sorry stamie will not be on the show. i thought she was funny and realistic and a very positive energy(and extremely sexy!!!!!) best of luck in all your endeavors, stamie!!!!

  19. Our15Minutes says:

    Thanks everyone..your words mean a lot..I appreciate it…:) Maybe a weekly video could be in our future..lets see!!

  20. Paula Meono says:

    I feel so sad you r the best!!!!

  21. Tamara from Bmore says:

    I will definitely miss the both of you and your beautiful children on the show. The most important thing is that your family remains together. There appears to be so much luv between all of you. You and Tracy are a beautiful couple and I hope the relationship continues to grow. xoxo.

  22. Timbifane says:

    I am a bit sad over this, Stamie. You were part of the reason I watched season 1. Well, I just hope I do get to see you on the show from time to time, or maybe see more of you in general. (youtube, interviews, blogs, comedy shows, etc.)

    I am still keeping my fingers crossed so Tracy can arrange it to be on the show. 🙂

  23. Ellen says:

    That is really sad they couldn't work it out. I think the greatest, most positive force that sprang from that show revolved around Tracy, you and your families. The fact that you won't be on when it's a reality show and Tracy's dating you, sucks. I guess they were too cheap to pay the price. If you and/or Tracy are not on, I will not support the show on principle.

  24. Julie says:

    Wow…that bites! That's like having Ben with no Jerry, or Timmy without Lassie, or Laura Hutton without her gap…it just doesn't make sense…

  25. clea says:

    It was bad enough learning that Stamie won't be on season 2, but now we're being told at that season 2 will focus on Whitney and her friends. That's a TOTAL turnoff for me! The least they could do is include Tracy, Jill and Nikki to add some much needed class.

  26. Guest says:

    thats sad!! :((

  27. clea says:

    Just read Nikki's interview with SheWired where she said she and Jill decided right after season 1 wrapped that, even if Showtime picked up a 2nd season of TRLW, they wouldn't be a part of it. Now I definitely won't be tuning in. 🙁

  28. Chelsea Donovan says:

    I can definitely say that the show will have significantly less funny, smart, and endearing moments without you!

  29. clea says:

    Got a theory: Since TRLW couldn't come up with a workable schedule for Stamie, Tracy's inclusion in season 2 fell to the wayside. And, since Nikki and Jill had made it clear to TRLW that they'd already chosen to not be a part of season 2, Showtime/Ilene Chaiken had no choice but to make season 2 all about Whitney and her posse.

    Dollars to donuts, I bet I'm right. 🙂

  30. clea says:

    P.S. For me, it's going to be a lot more fun to watch Nikki and Jill's Flip Fridays as they go through the process of having a baby. 🙂 Check out their FB page. They've already started!

  31. таня says:

    какая жалость(((

  32. LiLo says:

    2011 right.??? Why is it that the producers can't realize that this is a major factor of life.. We are not just the lesbians that party, F***, work, or watever.. We are families and there are many of us that can relate.. We will miss dat part of the show.. I will watch but am dissapointed that they could not see the importance of showing true life of a lesbian family.. n no disrespect ot jill n her partner but they were view in my eyes as fake and stuck up materialistic lesbians.. and you and tracy were REAL…. Im glad that you were a part of that 1st season.. your family is great and props to u standing up for family and not doing things how they wanted.. much respect LiLo from El Paso…

  33. @EstherAkse says:

    Aww that sucks, i liked you on the show..

  34. Mel says:

    Oh no you’re not gonna be on Season 2? I’m sad. You have such a wonderful family, I enjoyed seeing you all together. but with 3 kids and a relationship, and your career, I know it has to be tough. You were/are one of my favorites. Good luck to you, I will continue to read your blogs, watch your videos, etc. I follow you on Twitter already. Your are a great comedian and I will miss your humor on the show. I plan to come and watch you when you guys come to Kentucky this summer. Hang tough, girlfriend, I am and always will be a fan.

  35. amyhughes95 says:

    say it aint so! yours and tracy's relationship was the best thing on the show! please tell me you 2 are still together! you guys are like the ellen and portia of reality tv!:D much love coming at you both from wales! hope to see you in something again in the near future!<3<3<3

  36. amyhughes95 says:

    thank god for that:D! the show wont be the same:/ i cant believe you replied to me of all people! im such a huge fan of the both of you! im literally crying right now! massive love!!<3<3<3

  37. babygirl28 says:

    now i am starting to hate the show..they have to get you back.. they have tooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  38. danielle says:

    dont like the real l world.

    trash –
    dont like dreadlocks and tatoo's
    or dominant business womens
    i like normal people like you!

    please make a dvd of your own and let me buy it.

    greetings from amsterdam!

  39. Babygirl28 says:

    dearest stamie and tracy,

    love you guys.
    nwe, i read an article from wikipedia that last 25th April 2011, ShowTime released a sneak pek of the real l word s2 and it shows that the only s1 maincast that wil be part of s2 is whitney. i was teary eyed but i did not cry..i am still trying to convince myself that atleast tracy wil be part of s2.

    love lots,
    Babygirl, Philippines

  40. Francois says:

    please keep on posting new videos of you and tracy and the kids..

  41. Mara says:

    You and tracy where the best part of the show!! Kis/hug from the netherlands.

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