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Newest podcast Re-capping the 1st episode of the Real L Word S3

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Our first recap of THE REAL L WORD, Season 3, Episode 1 is up!  We’ve brought in our friend, comic/writer Murray Valeriano, to get a different perspective on the shenanigans as well.  There were lots of laughs and interesting insight on Bi-sexuality, NYC vs. LA, who the bad girl of this season will be, and more…..  Tune in!


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6 Responses to “Newest podcast Re-capping the 1st episode of the Real L Word S3”

  1. Mari says:

    Stamie's comments are the best lol

  2. Heidi says:

    LOVE the podcast!!!! Excellent chemistry! Thanks for making my drive home in traffic fun!!

  3. Loved this one. I couldn't agree more with you as far as the intro..leading everyone to believe Whitney & Romi being together…really sneaky. As for the whole Romi ex-g/f dated another woman until they broke up and she just got married to her boyfriend of a year last month..I have mixed feelings about it..will fill you in once I've decided how I really feel about this podcast..thx for keeping it real..always..=)

  4. Mollyuk says:

    Great Podcast! WFT is going on?? ….Whitney's wants to get married and Romi's got a boyfriend??!! #parallel universe
    Thank god for Stamie and Tracy to put things back in perspective, seems if you do more than one season on that show you go a little bit crazy! 🙂 xxx

  5. Bluey says:

    I am absolutely LOVING these podcasts from you guys!! Both of you, including your guests keep it real and I find Stamies 'innapropriate comments' fucking awesome :)! Kiyomi definityly seems to have been made into the 'villain' of this Season however she does seem to be a bit of a jackass to Somer, and so I am not liking her one little bit. Looking forward to another podcast reviewing episode 2! Love you two, and love Tracy's dog! 😀 xxxx

  6. Kanesa Mounai says:

    I love your podcast!!!!!

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