Podcast-Real L Word Re-cap S3, Ep.4-Romi Klinger in the House!! | Our Fifteen Minutes

Podcast-Real L Word Re-cap S3, Ep.4-Romi Klinger in the House!!


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Here we go again on our own, following a very fun Q & A with Romi Klinger Live on Ustream we have our very enjoyable interview with Romi on our podcast. She doesn’t hold back about her life and all the love she is lucky to experience including breaking up with Gay Jay and getting back with our girl Kelsey.

The Real L Word, episode four: Sara’s heartbreak with her mom, Somer reunites with Donna, Vero speaks, Kyomi’s new attraction to Lauren, Laura’s boobs, Amanda’s hard to get attitude and the gutt wrenching K & C storyline and why its amazing to be a lezbo in the reality world. So much to fun to watch and discuss.

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  1. neutrino78x says:

    Romi is great, I hope she remains for Season 4 of TRLW!!! 🙂

    Unfortunately I don’t get Showtime this season, so I have to rely on recaps and stuff like that (I don’t want to steal the video from showtime).

    btw Stamie your main font on here looks all distorted on my machine…Firefox 15.0.1 on Win XP 32 bit.

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