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Podcast Re-Cap of Real L Word Ep 3! It’s here!!!

Our train wreck is back and we don’t mean TRLW.





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(We all are giving our time and energy to entertain you clowns)

Continuing our journey with Season 3 of The Real L Word. Listen to what Tracy Ryerson, Stamie Karakasidis and resident straight guy Murray Valeriano have to say about so much, including Hunter Valentine on the road and Kiyomi not enjoying the “Somer”, Whitney’s engagement news and how her mom reacts, Romi’s new identity as a bi-sexual, Amanda and Lauren finally have a chance to be together, Whitney’s propositioned indirectly for a threesome, Kacey and Cori’s heartbreak, Alyssa’s voice of reason, and a few other interesting thoughts from the crew.

We did do a live broadcast on Ustream for this podcast but seems we didn’t save,(first time and we dove in head first) but don’t worry- we will be live with Romi on Wednesday night!!! Stay tuned for details.

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One Response to “Podcast Re-Cap of Real L Word Ep 3! It’s here!!!”

  1. @Pride_Proud says:

    Hey ladies and Murray. Just reviewed you latest podcast.
    I’m a really big fan of Hunter Valentine. I’ve seen them play I’m almost every Canadian venue and over the years have formed some super awesome friendships with the whole band. I was alittle upset with your comment about Kiyomi “I self centered and a control freak” these ladies especially Kiyomi have worked there asses off to get to where they are. Its so tough inthe music business to survive. When you work hard it pays off. What people are seeing on TV is soooooo edited because I know Kiyomi and Laura very well and these is nothing like them AT ALL and it sucks that The Real L Word has brought them in live TV to make things look beyond who they are. They love music, they love there fans, and they will always play hard and give back 100%. And yes, EVERYONE LOVES LAURA. haha. This show could be a super platform for Hunter Valentine and it could lead to the break they have been working so hard for. There is no comparison between Kiyomi and Whitney. Kiyomi has always put music first. Whitney over the last two seasons has put sex life all over TV to make thing work in her favor. Bitches are crazy and there all celesbians… haha. I love you guys I’m not hatin’ just sticking up for my partners in crime HV.

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