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OUR FIFTEEN MINUTES (Audio) Podcast #4 with Sheetal Sheth

Download  here:  OFM PODCAST #4 WITH Sheetal Sheth

Tracy Ryerson and Stamie K. welcome actress and producer SHEETAL SHETH to the podcast. We fell in love with her in I Can’t Think Straight and The World Unseen and she has continued to ‘wow’ us in numerous film and tv projects since then. Sheetal came into the studio and dished on her love for Howard Stern, whether she thinks college is necessary for kids today, what attracts her to acting roles, producing, her future projects, and more.

Sheetal’s newest projects include: YES WE’RE OPEN (http://yeswereopenfilm.com) and NICE GIRLS CREW (http://youtu.be/Swl-iDCuliE)

The THREE VEILS dvd will be released July 31st internationally!! See the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgj2Fl7kpZw)

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Twitter: @sheetalsheth





“WILD ONES (feat. Sia) by Flo Rida

“PARADISE” by Coldplay

“SHELTER” (The XX cover) by Hercules and Love Affair


Download and listen to the podcast here:  OFM PODCAST #4 WITH Sheetal Sheth



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Thank you to Sophie and Rafa for helping us produce and make this happen!

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  1. Bluey says:

    I LOVED this podcast with Sheetal Sheth!! I have watched all of her movies and find how she portrays a character so heartfelt especially in The world unseen and I can't think straight. It was actually quite funny because both me and my GF are exactly in the same position as the characters of I can't think straight, right down to our ethnicitys and where we live! Sheetal Sheth is an absolute gem of an actress and I look forward to more of her movies, and her comming back to podcast with you guys. 🙂 Love you all 😀 xx

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