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OFM #13 Podcast with Lauren Russell from The Real L Word

This week’s guest on OFM was the multi-talented and beautiful LAUREN BEDFORD RUSSELL from Season 3 of THE REAL L WORD.  Stamie K and Tracy Ryerson talk to her about her budding relationship with the lead singer (Kiyomi) of “Hunter Valentine”,  growing up in La Jolla, pet peeves, passion projects, her coming out story, and the inspiration for all of her free-spirited hair color choices.

It was not an easy accomplishment recording yesterday, we had to deal with construction next door, gardener, solicitor, helicopter and trash pick up, but Stamie, Tracy and Lauren did it.

A lot of things end up on the cutting room floor, and a large part of this podcast series is to explore what it is that we didn’t get to see on camera.  For example, it turns out that Lauren did a lot more than think and talk about her bff, Amanda.  She is the owner of a fine jewelry company called LYON FINE JEWELRY and was approached by the Obama administration to produce a bracelect in support of the campaign!  How cool is that??!  You can get these silver alloy “FORWARD” bracelets on her website, where 10% of the proceeds are donated to the Barack Obama campaign.





Twitter: @1LaurenRussell

Instagram: thelaurenrussell

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/LyonFineJewelry

Website: www.LyonFineJewelry.com

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  1. RubyRomes says:

    I enjoyed listening to this on this Friday night, so glad I’m home to do so…you ladies are amazing & super hilarious. Great job & look forward to more…

  2. ollie says:

    the podcast is not working for me…?

    p.s. I love the site and the interviews!
    and Tracy congrats on the commercial it is super cool.

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