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Monday Baby!!!

Monday Monday…ah..ahh..ah …ah..Isn’t that a song?
Dropped the twin nuggets off to school and left them enjoying playdoh while I headed out for my delicious Peete’s coffee soy cappucino and dropped my fav jeans to be patched. You probably know these jeans, I lived in them during the filming.

Last night was the finale at a club called Falcon in Los Angeles. Girls were beautiful, they do exist. Lots of people told us they enjoyed the show which was nice to hear. We also got to hang with the girls Whitney, Rose, Nat, Ilene, My girl, Romi, Sara and all other women that Whitney has touched on camera. Tor does not live in L.A. so she was not around. No word on season two of The Real L Word so we have not idea. Let’s see if it was meant to be.

Well, Tracy and I are working on making this site a place to visit often, so we would love to hear any thoughts you may have.


4 Responses to “Monday Baby!!!”

  1. mary says:

    congratulations on a successful season… i think tracy and you by far had the most rewarding storyline. i've sent you two my story and i really do hope you had a chance to read it. thank you for everything…

  2. karla says:

    hey i just wanna say that i cant see the show on tv! cuz im in mexico… and we dooont have that channel ..(at least i cant find it in this third-world-country-cable! and/or i cant pay for it hahaha …jk… but i saw u guys in youtube videos…(well.. i tried cuz episode 8 is a mess)…anyways…im following u guys in twitter and i wish you the best… anytime u wanna come to tijuana you are very welcome ok?… PS: I CANT FIND STAMIE'S TIFI'S =[ peace! and all good vibes to you!

  3. Mimmi says:

    Loved you guys on the show (saw it online since I'm in Sweden…)! It's crazy how similar you and my fiancé are btw:) Not appearance-wise, more the personality, it was great to see! And I think she liked being compared to you;) I'll def send you our story (also my coming-out-story), but it's getting late over here, so another day… Hope you guys are enjoying life and love:)

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