Me And Her/You And Her | Our Fifteen Minutes

Me And Her/You And Her

by Jennifer Hollandsworth

(Noblesville, IN)

First of all, I love the show! It really makes me want to pack up and move to L.A. I follow the two of you on the show a bit more than the others because my relationship is sort of similar. Let me just give you the low down.

My name is Jennifer and I live in the exciting town of Noblesville, Indiana. (sarcasm). I moved here about 5 years ago with my daughter after divorcing her father. All my life I new that I had an attraction to other girls but was just afraid to act on my inner feelings. Growing up in a small town in Tennessee sort of kept those inner feelings on lock down if you know what I mean. At age 20 I became pregnant. My boyfriend and I met my mother for lunch to break the news to her. By the way, my mother is a wedding planner. So after saying “mom, you are going to be a grandmother!” she said “When should I do your wedding?” AHHHHHHH! I wish she would have never said that. Needless to say, I ended up getting married to him, 5 months pregnant just because I am “bass ackwards” like that. Our marriage did not last long. When my daughter was 7 months old I decided to leave him due to a drug problem he chose over us. The first thing that popped in my mind was to move to Indiana where my little bro lived. My little brother had already been openly gay for a couple of years. I naturally began to hang out with some of his friends and saw a gay community for the first time ever. It was a beautiful thing to see. I seemed to just mesh well with all of them. Eventually I just decided to be open to dating another girl but finding a hot one in these dusty little parts of Indiana are just too few and far between. I thought I was gonna be S.O.L. forever.

One day I am asked to train a new server in the restaurant I work in. I’m like “Oh my god I absolutely hate training.” I look at the front door and there are two girls, one of which I was going to have to train. Let’s just put it this way…one was hot and one was not. Thankfully I got the girl that was just snatching up all of my attention. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that her name is Tracy! Anyway, a few weeks go by and she begins to date my roommate who is a guy by the way. We all decide to go to the Vogue, a club in Indy, one night and Tracy takes one too many shots of Rumplemintz and gets a little liquid courage in her. Next thing I know, this girl is all over me. I was in shock! A girl, a hot one at that, was coming on to me full force.

Now remember I said that I have a kid? Tracy had never been in a relationship with a girl or anyone with a child for that matter. Even so, we have now been together for 3 years and we are hanging on strong. She is great with my daughter, Lilly, and Lilly just loves her. I remember when my Tracy was saying some of the same things that you said on the show about being in a relationship with someone who has children. I’m very proud of her for being there for me and my daughter because I know things are tough sometimes. It’s also a plus that I think my girlfriend is hot. I even have a couple of years on her. I guess I am kind of a cougar lol. Cougar-ish!

You and Stamie are beautiful and you guys make a beautiful family. Just wanted you to know that. I’M SO HAPPY I DECIDED TO BE GAYYYYYYY! Best decision I ever made! Just went after what made me happy.

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