WATCH Live Lounge 7/25/2010: Tracy and Stamie | Our Fifteen Minutes

WATCH Live Lounge 7/25/2010: Tracy and Stamie

July 25, 2010

Tracy and Stamie take viewer questions live after episode 6 of The Real L

5 Responses to “WATCH Live Lounge 7/25/2010: Tracy and Stamie”

  1. @syd19850725 says:

    I saw it and i just want say to you two: You are sooooo sweet together! Everyone can see the chemistry between you two.
    @Tracy: Tom Petty´s "Free Fallin" is also one of my favourite songs. Good choice!
    @Stamie: The Song of Eminem and Rihanna named "love the way you lie".

  2. @xlisavanerp says:

    you are the best couple ever 🙂
    kind of a example to me..
    can't wait for season 2, to see how you are doing now!

  3. fabiana says:

    Always good to see you girls..

  4. daniela says:

    heeeey! love u xD u guys rule! grettings from venezuela xD

  5. Sarah B says:

    Ok ! Hands down for the chemistry !! damn! you’re so good together! it’s cute to see you both together answering questions … the other answers first and the second follows up like it’s one person answering ! you cuuute !!

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