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Just a Girl

All my life, I have been “just a girl.” Living my life in the traditional Mexican environment where the girls are supposed to cater to the men, has giving me fire to go against just that.

I have become a woman who has done for me. At this point of my life according to my parents, i’m supposed to be married to man and having kids. That is what defines women….not me.

Growing up with my three brothers, guy cousins, I never really had a sense of femininity. That doesn’t mean I am not fem. just not a “girly girl”. I learned to use a hammer, a drill, have life skills, be efficient. I know how to survive, my parents gave me that skill. I have become a professional women, just turned 30, bought a house and living with my partner who completes me. I have done everything on my own, without telling anyone.

When my mom found out about me being gay, she said I would not amount to anything living “that” life. That has shattered my being. This is my mom, the person that is supposed to be there for me no matter what, love me for anything I am capable of being. But now I am nothing to her because I will live my life in solitude, not really having a man to be there to support me. I know I have become a professional woman on my own. I have become a women with many accomplishments. I know that there are many women out there that have been suppressed in some sort of way but have gone beyond that and not let anyone stop them.

With the Real L Word coming in to my life, this has shown me that there are women like me. I can make a connection to women out there, knowing that being who you are does not stop who you can become. I feel that the Real L Word has shown me that successful women can be taken serious and can amount to something and not because they have a man to define them as being a woman.

To my parents, they dont want to know about that part of my life. So they don’t know about that part of my life, I don’t invite them to my house, I can’t bring my gf around them. That is the only thing that is missing in my life.

Girls, Ladies, Women around the world should have the promotion of being more than they are capable of being. I would like every girl out there to become the women they can become without letting anyone hold them back.

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  1. strongbow says:

    aww…your parents are living in a selective reality where you are concerned.
    That's sad.
    But i deeply admire your courage not to let tradition and norm dictate the course of your life. i aspire to have that kind of courage.

    thanks for sharing your story. it's an inspiration.

  2. dulce says:

    i can relate to your story for the fact that i too am mexican and my parents have the same thought that one day i will get married to a man and he will provide for me…thats nice butt i rather work hard for what i want and earn it myself than to have it given to me. I wish you luck with your parents i am sure they will one day accept you for who you are 🙂 thank you for sharing your story and being a strong woman!

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