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Stamie's TIFI's!

Stamie’s “Things I Find Interesting”

So on this blog I will be posting candid pictures I take of strangers, friends and family that I come across that I find interesting or I like to call “TIFI”. Some might be funny and some might be odd. It all depends on what life throws in front of me. It’s usually a dangerous hobby, because I might be driving or doing something and then I realize that I need to pull my camera out and take a picture of the lady in green pants who has a gigantic “camel toe”. Someone has to document people who fall asleep at starbucks or walk around with their fly down. It is my duty!

So I hope you will enjoy it. I will start my pics tomorrow.

6 Responses to “Stamie's TIFI's!”

  1. Joann says:

    Who needs a Starbuck's? Precious!

  2. Our15Minutes says:

    Pretty damn cute I say!!! shes my lil nugget…:)Stamie

  3. Janet D says:

    Love the pics.. Keep em comin


  4. mary says:

    these pictures make me happy…

  5. joyce all says:

    funny+cute+ love= two beautiful women

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