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Here we go again!

Hi Gang,

Winding down, kids are in the bathtub (very deep water and all by themselves) and I thought I would write a quick note and touch base. I hope everyone is enjoying their new year! I am focused this year on getting back on track and maybe in my mind finding a way to have a bit more control of what is going on. I do know we never really are in control but I am attempting to trick myself one more time.

When you have 3 kids, a career, a 2nd career, a significant other and all the other craziness our lives have you tend to forget what important for yourself. I tend to put everyone else first and make sure I am focusing on getting through whatever challenge I am having at the moment I forget to check in with myself.

So today is day 6 of my beloved (love/hate) plan of eating healthy. A few years ago I lost a lot of weight and felt fantastic. It isn’t really about the number on the scale but more the feeling I get when I am accomplishing something that I think about so often. When you date someone as naturally thin as Tracy you just think you are skinny too because you are looking at them all the time, so now its time for me to finally do what I talk about. I don’t want to be a chubby mom in the valley. I’d like to be a hot stand up/ real estate agent and have all the energy I need for my kids. I want to feel great when Tracy and I are going on a date or have an event and find the perfect outfit. I am tired of disliking my outfits!!!

I have the gift of being an emotional eater, so with the break up, being a single mom and real estate slowing down, I was left with all my favorites. Chocolate, Pizza and sugar! My body is not a fan, considering I am gluten intolerant. I figure I would share this with you to be held accountable on my desire to look my best and I am sure there are a few of you out there that have similar issues. I want to change! I want to be different! Most of all I want to accomplish what I dream about most. This way I realize, yes, I can accomplish anything I commit too. So wish me luck and I will let you know how its going.

My diet you ask:

No dairy, no sugar, only protein, tons of veggies,  water-tea-or-coffee, no eating after 7pm and a bag I carry with me at all times that has cucumbers, radishes and celery. I do go to a doctor every week. Dr. Mizrahi is my man. Good times!!

Talk to you soon with an update!!


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  1. @xlisavanerp says:

    I personally think you don't need to lose any weight because you look great.
    But if you want it I just want to wish you goodluck 😉 xx

  2. Whoa…hot then now and always. I'm on the same journey and can totally relate, best of luck trust me you'll need it and lots of support from Tracy.

  3. Joann says:

    You don't look like you need to lose anything, looking good! But we know what matters is how you feel and if you think you need to make changes in diet or any other areas of your life, that's what's important. Being true to you. And to Oprah. Live your best life.

  4. Sarah says:

    WOW you looked great then and improving on a good thing hey its ok!!!! best wishes to you and Tracy and the kids

  5. strongbow says:

    wohoo! =)

    this inspires me.

    taking a stand to be healthy isn’t selling out to the conventional world.

    i shall return and really try to stick to my diet plan. like now.

  6. caroline says:

    Thnx so much for this blog Stamie! Last year I lost 25 pounds, but slowly im gaining it back. Untill today!
    BTW you look great right now, but if loosing weight makes you feel better, go for it! I really wish you the best of luck!

  7. Jess says:

    Morning Stamie! I'm so happy for you because you're such a beautiful woman. This is a great way to start… Others can be a huge source of support or sabotage when it come to achieving your goals. So, your ability to voice your thoughts and feelings is critical. Many take for granted that our needs are obvious, THEY AREN'T. Start telling people what you need and how to help you, calmly.Give them the tools and empower them to understand you and do right by you. You'll be amazed at the dramatic impact this action can have in your life.

    I wish you and Tracy the best.

  8. curlyqueee says:

    u look amazing if i was u i would work on toning your body not loosing it. i 2 have lost some weight and i am naturally big boned cuz of my athleticism when i was younger so i am n the process of toning my body i run everyday at least 8min outside (not on a treadmill) and no stopping trust me not as easy as it sounds. i dont even smoke and i cant catch my breath but i feel great everyday. i started on the p90x but let me tell u that is kicking my butt but i will get it. dont starve yourself that is not good for u inside or outside work it grl u got this u look amazing
    enjoy talking with u guys through twitter maybe someday when i move 2 cali i could party with u girls your videos look like u all have a blast
    i wish u girls the best of luck

  9. vandalbelle29 says:

    Hey Stamie!! I met Tracy in Philadelphia last year and found out that you and I are from the same area!! I grew up in Bucks County and my family is from the Lower Moreland area. Anyways, you look amazing!! I give you A LOT of credit for eating so healthy and looking great especially for working, having kids AND being in a relationship. I myself have begun eating healthy and lost weight when I met the love of my life, Tracy. You and I are both in love with a Tracy! ;o) Must be the name! I wish the best for you both and your happiness. It only comes once in our lives!! <3

  10. DEYNA says:


  11. @yankeegirl78 says:

    Stamie… you rock! I get it though. I have been fighting with my weight all my life… I'm Italian! 🙂 Those nasty 15-20lbs that go back and forth. I'm a size 8 now, but not comfortable in my skin. So I started my lifestyle change on January 4th. Proteins and Veggies… NO CARBS. NO SUGAR. I feel like I drug user in withdrawls, but it's been a few weeks and I'm seeing results. Keep it up and know there are others of us in the same boat. I will never be naturally thin… and I will always be an emotional eater… but it's time to take control back. You can do it! Please keep us posted. I know I need the inspiration too!

  12. Cindy says:

    Hi, I just read your article on your diet plan. What's amazing is that I am actually trying to lose some pounds for the sake of my health and the love of skinny jeans/small jackets. I has gained some 10 pounds because of my busy work schedule and I somehow didn't feel strong enough for gym exercises. So Good Luck for a sister in the same spirit!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Half a beet a day

  14. Mimmi says:

    Stamie you are the funniest women i know!! you are so funny!!

    And you are beautiful and realy charming, if i was gay i would date you or someone like you 🙂

    I have a little crush on you haha

    But you and Tracy are a beautiful cuple ! 🙂

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