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Fortune Feimster from Chelsea Lately visits our Podcast!




If you are part of the in crowd, you watch “Chelsea Lately”. If you love stand up comics, girls and Chelsea Handler- then you know who are amazing guest is this week. Ms. Fortune Feimster!!! You may know her as Honey Boo Boo or the very lovely Hooters girl in the funny ass skits from Chelsea Lately.

We are very excited to add her to our list of guests for many reasons.

1. She’s a wonderful, loving person.

2. She’s extremely funny.

3. She has been our friend for the last few years and it all started on a softball field with Fortune and a snow cone.

Her amazing life journey and how she ended up in the comedy world that led her to be one of Chelsea’s favorite people is a great story.

Tracy Ryerson and I (Stamie Karakasidis) did our best to get to the nitty gritty of how a little southern gal became a house hold name. See what she has to say about dating, work, money, and making it in Hollywood. Something that is extremely difficult to do and we ask her all the hard questions like Did she watch the Real L Word? Is she single? Does she appreciate fake boobs on the ladies?

Our goal on OurFifteenMinutes Podcasts is to keep you laughing, learn one or two things and walk away inspired. Fortune definitely inpsires us.

To see what Fortune is up to,

Follow her on twitter:@FortuneFunny make sure you visit her website for all things Fortune, including tour dates and funny videos.

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