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Dinah Shore 2011

This year Tracy and I were fortunate enough to be invited to participate in Girl Bar’s Dinah Shore Weekend.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21jZqvMCXGo[/youtube]I have  included a video from the day we hung with Chely Wright and her adorable girlfriend Lauren. Lots of laughs between all the comics and shennanigans that went on.

Tracy and i were scheduled to host some events and I was also in charge of comedy show where I picked comics that I enjoy working with; Erin Foley, Liz Feldman and Julie Goldman. So there was a total of 4 comics for the show and Tracy was scheduled to host along side me!! Tracy was wondering how she suddenly was going to be a comedy host, but she pulled through and tickled some funny bones.

Comedy show got off to a rough start do to this couple who decided to sit in the front row and make out (with tongue). That right there is a comics dream, make fun of the chicks in high heels, very short skirts and long tongues. So I did. Well, I think they were unaware that there was a comedy show going on so they got a lil aggressive which made me smile even bigger and make Tracy uncomfortable. So I decided to move on, changing the subject to being a gay woman, well it turns out these lesbian divas from San Fran wanted to educate me that I am a “lesbian” and not a “gay” woman. That I am a “dyke” but not a “gay ” woman so I proceeded and called myself gay like 75 times. Anyhoooo, the show did go on. Liz Feldman was the first batter up and she is a very funny lady and did well, I came up 2nd and bimbos walked out (thank the lord) and by the time I finished, the crowd was ready to laugh their butts off for Erin Foley and Julie Goldman.  So we completed the show and have been laughing ever since. It’s shows like these you remember the most as a comic.

The rest of the weekend went great and it was a lot of fun. Thank you Girl Bar!!

What I learned at Dinah Shore 2011

1) Sunblock is your friend especially if you are wearing a sports bra to the pool. Bad tan lines.

2) If you decide to make out all over the place and have everyone see you do not come to a comedy show.

3) Wearing all white to white parties is not always as wonderful as it sounds.

4) Girls love to bring coolers to hotels.

5) Lezzies from other countries are pretty damn cool.

6) My girlfriend Tracy is awesome.

7) Alot of woman have not seen “The Real L Word”. Say what?

8) I can not stay up past 1am.

9) Hanging with Comics is never boring and keeps you on your toes.

10) Never take your top off at the pool when you are drunk and put pasties on your nipples.

If you have a story/pics  from Dinah Shore weekend please send it to us. 🙂



4 Responses to “Dinah Shore 2011”

  1. natalie says:

    you made me gay, and now i say to men

    i dont want your number no
    I dont wanna give you mine and NO

    I dont wanna meet you nowhere No

  2. Stephanie says:

    Um, Suzan above here. So wrong. No, not even close. Stamie is much funnier.

  3. Sue says:

    Why couldn't you include Chely kissing her gf? That is a natural kind of affectionate behavior.

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