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Check out Tracy’s recent cover and article in BOUND MAGAZINE!

4 Responses to “Check out BOUND MAGAZINE!”

  1. jay says:

    Tracy you look amazingly beautiful!

  2. mary_Brazil says:

    Hey tracy on TRLW i felt…. ‘you’re really a good people’. I have to say “at 1st episode of the show i really didn’t pay attention on you”, but on the next episodes, i said “oh my God … Tracy is a great human being and besides a beautiful woman”. You’re amazing with the kids and your dogs (these things says a lot about one person and you hart). So i wish you guys a great life and a great love life with stamie (by the way she is so funny and talent … i love her!! … but i love YOU more). A big kiss for you both guys and your kids. (ps. sorry about my english …. the worst english ever!!!). I loved the magazine and your interview!!

  3. Yaya says:

    Owwn *-*
    You look amazing in the interview!
    You are patient,and sweet, lovely,and in TRLW is my favorite:D

  4. Danielle says:

    All that Drama about babysteps

    Just pick up the Micrefoon you did that more often with you comedy show

    and sing the following song for her:….

    when she feels upsad you just say it is part of the joke right

    but anyone can understand that!

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