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Baby Steps…

Hey guys,

I’d like to thanks Stamie and Tracy here for setting up such an amazing website it’s a great idea. I guess i’d just like to thank everyone who has starred in The L Word and The Real L Word without you guys i’d probably still be deep in the closet now! It is seeing them and the different experiences that have made my pluck up the courage to be myself!

I’m grew up in outskirts of London in the UK where supposedly nobody is gay (yeah right!) and only came out a year ago to my parents. Let just say it wasn’t easy at all. I now live five hours away from my family (and have done for the last 3 yrs) so it was done over the phone to my mum i just couldn’t pretend to be waiting for the right man when really i was waiting for the right girl lol. When I eventually came out my parents didn’t talk to me for over four months and it was the most difficult thing to not be accepted by the two people that created you.

What really helped was seeing Tracy’s experiecne with her mother, i guess I’m doing the same with my mum and dad very veryyyy small baby steps. But it’s so difficult now i’ve found the girl of my dreams to not really be able to talk about her as i’d like to. With the website it just nice to know that i’m not the only one who has had trouble!

Thanks for reading I guess!

Much love,

Alana, York, UK

2 Responses to “Baby Steps…”

  1. danielle says:

    All that Drama about babysteps

    Just pick up the Micrefoon you did that more often with you comedy show

    and sing the following song for her:

    when she feels upsad you just say it is part of the joke right

    but anyone can understand that!

  2. natalie says:

    yes we love you guys! here From All the way Holland!!

    hey look i just made your mother my virtueel stephmom now whahha!

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