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August 31st people. Where has summer gone?

Good morning…Happy Monday! I know it’s the best day of the week for most of you:)

Been meaning to blog, but blogging is like going to the gym. You have good intentions, you plan on it the night before but before you know it..You didn’t end up doing checking it off your to-do list. My bad. I will try to be more accountable.

I am sitting here working on my computer. Real Estate work, some fun stuff is happening. Tracy is now in NYC. She started out in Philadelphia (my home town) with Rose, Nat, Whitney & DJ Lezlee. They had a lot of fun roaming the streets of Philadelphia and meeting a lot of girls who are fans of the Real L Word. I had the kids this weekend, so I had to pass on this trip. Some romantic sparks flew between Whitney and DJ Lezlee who is Nat’s sister. Double Hornedo wedding possibly? Probably not.

I wanted to thank everyone who has been visiting our site. We are really enjoying the sense of community that is starting between all the people posting on “share your story”. I love how we all have similar stories regardless of what country we live in. People have issues with us lezzies. It really sucks and hopefully one day in the near future we would be accepted with love and not hatred.

We are trying to improve our site daily with the help of our angel Maya. She has hooked this whole site up for us and she rocks.

So clearly, my blogs will sound like the endless thoughts in my head and I will be jumping around. I hope that is ok. Kids went to Julie’s house today and I miss them already. I am trying to be productive and fighting off PMS. Good times in my house!

Alrighty…I need to move now and get productive..Let me know what you guys are missing and I will try to produce for you…:)

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  1. obxlezbn says:

    I absolutely LOVE this pic…. holding Chely's book and pic…. too adorable… when we met her at DC Pride this year, my 4 year old told her she said a bad word b/c of her song "Damn Liar" Chely laughed and gave her a big hug…. It was one of those priceless moments 🙂

  2. Ronni says:

    "Like Me" by Chely Wright is a wonderful read. I've read it 2 1/2 times thus far. Actually,just put it down a few mins. ago -again.

    Do you plan on doing any writing? You have many facets to speak on. It would be nice to see you published.


  3. Our15Minutes says:

    I am waiting for Chely's book on tape and looking forward to it. Not the best at finishing a book, but she did tell me there are pics included. I think my kids read the book already:) So I have looked at the pics. She is super cool and I would also love to hear her curse!!!! Stamie

    • Ronni says:

      LOL!! Sweet, your babies are at a highly progressive reading level. If only we could get the educated ignorant running around to learn?!?! What a nice day that would be..

      True Story: "Like Me" is the 1st. book I've completely read since my babies were born that is not rated G for Gerber..That's almost 6 yrs! Not complaining,just saying it was kinda tough considering I use to be able to read a book or two a week..
      Also,the pics are very nice & sweet..She & I were running around the same parts of the world around the same time. She w/ The USO & I as a Civilian that Accompanies our Armed Forces.

      Hmm, if she does put it on tape ,will it be her or a friend on tape? If a friend-I'd go with Sarah Paulson or Clementine Ford.

      So glad to hear Ms.Wright is Super Cool. Would be bummed if she wasn't. Been a fan of hers long before May 2010.
      It's great you got to meet her & befriend her. I know you're a fan as well..She cuss on 2 songs.. =0o

      Now, since you said you're not the best at finishing a book,does that mean you have no desire to put out a book or books? I ask & restate -You have Multi-Facets to share on. You could really, truly do some good.

      You, like me, have a child with Special Needs..So much you can say on the subject & with light heart humor. You're a Single Mom that shares custody with another Mom. You're a Comedian.You're in Love. You're Greek. And you're Self-Employed(to an extent I think).
      You also have that whole Lesbian part of you, you can speak of,intertwined with all the above mentioned.. I say this drenched in sarcasm bc,unfortunately, it's the one title you hold that seems to mute everything else you are when it's caught wind of or televised(slight chuckle)..I don't know why this is? Being that it's just one aspect of you. Gees, what yr. are we in again?!
      Oooo,You can put all this on tape!! That would so work! You're humor would be a tad(jst a tad) lost in print!

      Anyway, I folded your ear & eyes enough. Many Blessing on all your endeavors! Thanks for responding,made my day/night. California & Japan have a few hrs between them..

      KONBANWA!(Good evening in Japanese w/ a Tiny Texan Twang =0)


  4. Beth says:

    The Kids need their own show. They are so cute, funny and smart. Thanks for putting yourself out for us to be a part of your lives.

  5. Ronni says:

    "Like Me"

  6. Katelyn says:

    Chely's book and music are wonderful. Had the chance to meet her at a signing a couple weeks ago. She is a very amazing woman! You're kiddies are precious!! 🙂

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