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A Thank You from Indiana.

Hi Tracy and Stamie!

My name is Logan and I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I just wanted to let you know that I think you guys are awesome and I love watching/listening/reading all your stuff. Ever since the first season of The Real L Word I have been very inspired by you both and grateful to see such a down to earth, funny, beautiful lesbian couple on TV. I think you two were the best cast members on the show to watch because you seemed so genuine and charming, it isn’t the same without you!

The first season of the show aired at a time in my life when I was going off to college, I was beginning to think about my future career and life, and thinking about living as an out lesbian in the real world seemed intimidating and daunting. When I met my girlfriend (who I am still with today after almost 5 years) at 17, I began coming out and it was very difficult for me. My family and friends were mostly supportive but I never felt like I could truly feel comfortable about being gay and being open. But being able to see women like you being so confidant and successful and happy really inspired me. I enjoyed watching it so much and it really helped me while I was learning to be excited about my future and my sexuality, and understanding that being a lesbian wasn’t my only identity. Now, I am as happy as I can be, I am in love with my girlfriend and I am so excited to live my life with her. So basically, I am the cliche of the poor homosexual in Mid-West America being helped by gay people in the media. haha

But seriously, thank you for sharing your story. I think you guys are awesome, I love the podcast, I love hearing your take on the Real L Word, and you continue to inspire me with your thoughts on love, family, humor, and how to be real.

My girlfriend and I will both be graduating from Ball State University next Spring with degrees in Telecommunications. We are hoping and planning to move to the West Coast after graduation, maybe even LA because we are both interested in working in the film/media industry. So maybe we will see you guys around sometime. 🙂 We would love to meet you!

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