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Does the GI Joe in my pocket make me look gay?

I’m sure a few of you can relate to this viral Youtube video below where Riley tells the world what she thinks about gender stereotypes at the toy store! I know that I can! Growing up, I wasn’t told that I had to play with Barbies rather than GI Joe, but instead, I had a choice between the two. (Thanks Mom and Dad for being so cool and progressive!)
Playing with an action figure or doll does not make you gay, but instead helps you use your imagination and grow! Plus, if it made you gay as some people still naively believe, then my mother would have three gay daughters instead of one.

As an “InstaMom” to 3 young kids, I’m constantly asking myself if I’m doing the right thing for them. Getting a dollhouse for Dautry and letting Nikos feel as much a part of it as she is – is the right thing! Sure, he just likes to blow things up in it, but that’s his prerogative. Filling all of their Christmas stockings with different colors of nail polish (without formaldehyde, people!) is the right thing. Giving Dautry a set of her own Matchbox cars so that she can be just like her brothers – is the right thing. The kids, whether boys or girls, have the right to express themselves in healthy ways and so far they’re doing just fine!
I wish I was as vocal and impassioned as this 4 year old when I was that age!! She’s inspired me to start now!


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