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14 Ways you Know you’re a Lezzie on Valentines Day!

1.  You decide to stay home and watch IMAGINE ME & YOU….again.
2.  If you buy your boyfriend a copy of THE REAL L WORD.
3.  If your answer is always the “Abbey” whenever your are asked where you would like to go for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a drink.
4.  When you invite all of your best girl friend’s to go on a SWEET Cruise.
5.  You pop the big question on VDay, but it still doesn’t mean you can legally marry.
6.  You say you’re totally straight, except if you met that girl with the dreads on THE REAL L WORD.
7.  You tell your boyfriend that you don’t feel well and spend the night with your “best friend”.
8.  When your Mom asks you who’s your Valentine and you respond with “I’m too busy to date.”  “Focusing on my career…”
9.   You spend hours in the Greeting Card aisle looking for whatever closest resembles your same-sex relationship.   It usually ends up with two penguins holding hands.
10.  When you’re waiter automatically gives you the check no matter who you are with.
11.  If you just got a hoodie from FREE CITY. (Which is the best gift ever)
12.  When you think being called a “muff diver” is a compliment.
13.   You’ve already been thinking about next year’s Dinah Shore Weekend, and it’s only June.
14.  If Autostraddle.com is a bookmark on your computer.

15 Responses to “14 Ways you Know you’re a Lezzie on Valentines Day!”

  1. Sinead says:

    8 = YUP

  2. @IMari_Lima says:

    I'm caught! lol
    Love this!
    Happy Valentine's! 🙂

  3. kgoddu says:

    Autostraddle just happens to be the first bookmark on my bar! haha!

  4. I have about 20 Free City sweatshirts and I love everyone… so what… who cares?! 🙂

  5. @IrishGal6 says:

    Hahaha, no:9 so true. They always have a girl and a guy! Sheesh.

    • Our15Minutes says:

      I've spent hours in the greeting card aisle looking for the perfect card! ha! Although, I'm pretty proud of my find this year! x Tracy

  6. jstlookinaround says:

    oh crap i bookmark autostraddle on my macbook and no one's supposed to find out haha
    happy vday lovely ladies

  7. @jessxnyc says:

    i press you to find sexier words than "muff" and "diver"

  8. southGAgal says:

    Love it!7 and10 got me! #2 is funny!Hope everyone had a gret V-day!

  9. Donna says:

    Yep, # 10 rang my bell…

  10. chicken says:

    reading through the list got me giggling =)
    #1…that’s me, alright.
    #8…oh me again!

    and #14’s an overkill.
    i <3 AUTOSTRADDLE..(autowin is my hero).

  11. @EstherAkse says:

    haha watching imagine me&you (again) as I read this! lol

  12. Babygirl28 says:

    hahahaha no way! not even not # 4! specially not # 11…lol..

  13. dmaids says:

    haha no.9 had the same problem until i found out that the bookstore (2 minute walk from my lovely house) is selling "same-sex" valentine cards! how awesome hé!

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